How To Keep The Paws Of Your Canine Companion Healthy?

You know how much your furry companion adds to your mental and emotional health. Pet dogs are indeed one of the best sources of happiness for their owners. Ensuring your furry partner’s health remains in the finest condition is your responsibility. Your pet dog’s paws are vulnerable to multiple problems if you do not keep a check on them. 

According to those who are experts in pet grooming, long, sharp nails can be painful and discomforting for a dog. Thus, scheduled nail trimming of your canine companion is a must. Consider this a crucial part of your pet dog’s care. Taking this step timely can lead to healthy paws. You can even take it to pet groomers to get the job done.

How Untrimmed Nails Trouble a Dog?

Your dog can experience severe pain and discomfort because of untrimmed nails. They find walking excruciating when overgrown nails dig into their paw pad. Dogs are prone to sustaining injuries more often due to long nails.

The natural gait of your dog can change over time if you avoid trimming its overgrown nails. Their joints experience immense strain, causing musculoskeletal problems in the long term. You have no option other than to take your pup to a vet when it can’t bear the pain of broken nails.

How Pet Groomers Trim Overgrown Nails of a Dog?

Individuals with expertise in dog grooming employ the best and safest techniques to trim the long nails of a dog. Their approach doesn’t terrify a dog, so the nail trimming job gets easier.

  • In the first place, expert groomers make a dog walk for a while so that it becomes calm. They begin trimming with the utmost care once the pup sits quietly and steadily on the grooming table. 
  • They position themselves appropriately when trimming the long nails of a dog. 
  • A comfortable position allows groomers to view the nails without obstruction, allowing them to apply the required pressure properly.
  • Grooming professionals know the correct method is trimming overgrown nails in small bits.

It is advisable to rely on seasoned groomers to ensure a positive nail-trimming experience for your furry friend. These professionals excel at trimming the nails of different breeds of dogs safely and effectively. Your canine partner’s paws will be in the healthiest condition if you seek groomers’ help.


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