How to Check the Body Temperature of Your Dog

Do you have an idea of what your dog’s average body temperature is? It’s not uncommon for dogs to have a core body temperature higher than a human’s, which could take you by surprise. As a responsible dog owner, it is imperative that you be familiar with how to take your dog’s temperature and can interpret the findings. Educate yourself on the distinctions between normal and aberrant behavior. Brain Training for Dogs Review helps you find the right resources and doings for your pet.

What Is a Dog’s Normal Body Temperature?

Dogs typically have a body temperature of 101.5 F (+/- 1 degree). If your dog’s temperature is abnormally high or low, you should take it to the emergency veterinary facility immediately. Make an effort to get in touch with them and inquire about the location. Do not attempt to treat your dog with medication you found at home without visiting your veterinarian.

How to Take Your Dog’s Temperature

Taking the dog’s temperature is crucial in canine first aid. You may take your dog’s temperature like this at home:

  • DO NOT risk getting bitten by taking your dog’s temperature orally. There is no way to acquire a reliable reading from a dog’s lips, even if your dog were to agree to it.
  • Rectal temperature readings are the most reliable for canine health.
  • Get your stuff together. You’ll also need lubrication (water-based lubricating jelly is ideal, but petroleum jelly or baby oil can do in a pinch) and a rectal digital electronic thermometer.
  • For obvious reasons, most dogs do not enjoy having their rear ends massaged, so having another adult help hold your dog will make the process go more smoothly. You should ask that person to gently embrace your dog against his or her body, with one arm around the dog’s neck and the other under the dog’s belly.
  • The next step is to raise your dog’s tail and rapidly (but gently) put the lubricated thermometer into your dog’s anus, which should be approximately an inch deep. To begin, hit the “start” button and listen for the last chime.


If your dog suffers from hypothermia, you can use hot water bottles to assist in raising his body temperature back up to an average level. If you have no choice but to use an electric heating pad, set it to the lowest setting possible and switch it off after only a few minutes of use. If you notice your dog is hot, give him some ice-cold water. If your dog isn’t interested in drinking, don’t make him. The same results may be achieved by applying towels that have been soaked in cold water to the back of the neck, the underarms, and the area around the groin.

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